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A Comprehensive Guide to the South State Bank

American bank South State Bank is located in Winter Haven, Florida, and is a division of South State Corporation, a bank holding company. South State has served customers since 1934.

Since we first opened our doors, we have made it our mission to support our clients in achieving success. That still holds today as we help a more significant number of communities. We rank among the top regional banks in the Southeast, in reality. Our knowledgeable bankers can provide the appropriate answers for anything you need to succeed so you can manage your money however you see fit. It is excellent finance. Building Forward is this.

Branches of the South State Bank

There are also some other branches of South State Bank

  • Columbia SC
  • Lexington, SC
  • Columbia SC
  • Batesburg Leesville, SC
  • Newberry, SC
  • Orangeburg, SC

The Core Values of South State Bank

Market leadership

The distinctive characteristics of the communities we serve are supported by our business model, which also promotes decision-making by the banker who is closest to the customer.

Long term horizon

When measuring success, we consider entire economic cycles and behave and think like owners. Prioritizing soundness over immediate profitability and development is something we do.

Remarkable Experiences

By anticipating their requirements and responding quickly, we will improve the lives of our customers. We have the power, duty, and freedom to act morally.

Meaningful Relationships

We communicate with honesty and transparency. For the bank, the relationship is more valuable than the transaction.


We give our team members the freedom to achieve their most important life goals, such as family, community service, or personal faith.

First State Community Bank

Like any remarkable Midwestern origin tale, ours begins with neighborhood company owners. First State Community Bank was established in 1954 by members of the close-knit Farmington community, a thriving village tucked away in Southeast Missouri’s plains.

A foresighted businessman named B.H. Jennings recognized the need for locally owned banking services during economic hardship. He founded First State Bank, now known as First State Community Bank, by assembling partners.

We have expanded significantly since opening our doors in 1954 but haven’t lost sight of our origins. Additionally, individuals should always come first in banking.

Services of Community Bank

Some Digital Banking Services The Community Bank offers are:

Electronic Statement

Open and organize statements online, view them, and protect yourself against identity theft.

Mobile Deposit

Make a check from anywhere or in the comfort of your home. You can do it by using your Smartphone and taking a front and back photo of the check. Once the deposit is accepted, you will receive confirmation.

Pay Bill

You can also pay your bills anytime and anywhere with the bank’s digital service. Make payments, view and schedule payments, then set up alerts to receive emails.

Picture Pay

You can also pay your bills by picture-pay mobile payment using your camera on your device.

Money Track

An online financial management tool, Money Track, can help you organize your money. You’ll be able to see your entire financial situation with Money Track and work towards your long-term financial objectives.

State Bank of Cross Plains

The State Bank of Cross Plains, founded in 1908, provides a complete range of retail and business services, including lending for commercial and residential property and consumers and services for investments, trusts, and asset management. Currently, there are nine accessible sites.

The Great Madison

We are pleased to say that the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors comprises close to 50 essential leaders who actively represent the local business community. These resourceful problem-solvers advise the Chamber and direct the positions and policies that help Greater Madison’s business grow.

The Chamber has represented local companies since its founding as the Madison Business Board in 1869. Look at how we arrived here and how the Chamber is bringing Greater Madison forward.

Some Important Functions and Features of South State Bank

Numerous Banking Services

South State Bank provides its clients with a complete range of banking services, including personal banking, business banking, asset management, and lending services. 

Convenient Banking Options

South State Bank offers several convenient banking options, including automated teller machines (ATMs), mobile banking, and online banking. These options make it simpler for customers to manage their money from any location.


South State Bank is devoted to assisting the areas it covers. The bank encourages its employees to donate their time and resources to make a difference in their communities, works with neighborhood organizations, offers financial education programs, and collaborates with these organizations.

Competitive Fees and Rates

South State Bank provides affordable fees and rates for all its banking services and goods. Customers who use this can save money and reach their budgetary objectives.

Strong Customer Service

Providing top-notch customer service is a top concern for South State Bank. The bank’s employees are knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive to customers’ requirements, helping to establish long-lasting relationships with them.

Checking and Savings Accounts

South State Bank provides a range of checking and savings accounts to meet the requirements of both people and businesses.

Credit Cards

The bank provides several types of credit cards, such as reward cards, cash-back cards, and cards with cheap interest rates.

Personal Loans

South State Bank offers personal loans for various needs, such as debt consolidation, house improvements, and large purchases.

Business Loans

The bank provides a variety of business loans, including small company administration loans, commercial real estate loans, and business lines of credit.

Wealth Management

To assist people and families in reaching their financial objectives, South State Bank offers wealth management services.


In conclusion, South State Bank is a regional bank in the United States that provides individuals and businesses with various financial services. The bank is dedicated to offering top-notch customer support and customized solutions to satisfy each client’s needs. 

South State Bank has an answer for you whether you need a checking account, credit card, personal loan, or business loan. To assist you in achieving your goals, the bank also offers asset management, mortgage, and insurance services.


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