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One Punch Man Manga: A Must-Read For You!

Are you a manga lover? Do you love to read new manga suggestions? Then, I have some noteworthy news to share with you. Your favorite manga series has a new direction, thanks to me. I’m going to discuss the manga series One Punch Man. This will undoubtedly become one of your all-time favorite mangas. Its storyline is going to make you hooked by its words and illustrations. 

One Punch Man Manga:

One Punch Man manga is a Japanese anime series. IIt debuted in 2009 as a webcomic. Later, it began appearing in a magazine that is still in circulation. In 2012, the artist illustrated it again to make it fit for the digital manga series. After realizing its success, it was adapted as an animated series in 2015. 

This proved a big hit in the Japanese industry, leading to its popularity among English readers. It also permitted the USA Viz Media to remake manga for the English version.

Action fans love it. It is full of action with an essence of comedy. Thus, it always makes the reader interested. It has a strong theme of superheroes, which is an absolute obsession of GenZ. This complete package is taken as the success element of the manga. It is considered one of the first manga to gain the readers’ attention.


Manga nameOne punch man
IllustratorYusuke Murata
Published in  2012
Published byShueisha
English publisherNA: Viz Media


One Punch Man has a gripping storyline for the readers to read. It revolves around the main character, Shatima, who always wanted to become a superhero. He used to live in a Z city, where he fulfilled his passion to act as a superhero. He helped the needy and weak people in front of the powerful. Shatima was happy in doing his small heroic deeds. He spent his life in this for about three years. After three years of training, he was so powerful that he could only defeat his opponent with one strike. He is accustomed to being called a “one-punch man” as a result. 

This led him to be the inspiration for a cyborg named Genos. He was fighting against another cyborg because they had killed their family. Shatima helped him and defeated the monster. 

After that, they both joined the hero association. There is a complete test to pass to rank the heroes in the association. They both get low scores on the written test and get passed in the fitness test. This makes Shatima a C-class hero and Geno a class hero. Shatima remained unnoticed in the association even after winning against monsters.  

Then, the time came when the seer in the association, Shibabawa, predicted the new danger to Earth. There comes the Monster Association and its members. You will enjoy reading about the fights between the bot associations and how they saved their city against attacks. 

Themes Of Manga:

One Punch Man manga is known for its unique themes. It is about more than just useless and boring fights. There will be better things to give to the readers. The reader will find it a worthless storyline with that. But the author, One, was fully aware of the human interest and set plot, which will be a lesson and a gripping theme. 

Passion And Obsession:

The first theme we get is about the passion and obsession of characters towards their goals. Both main characters, Saitama and Genos, struggled before becoming superheroes. They always wanted to be the most powerful and fight for it. They never gave up on their training. Characters needed someone for the proper training, but their passion led them to their best version. 

It is a lesson to learn for the readers. If you are passionate about doing something, you have to do your best to achieve it. Everything requires hard work and struggle. If you provide that, you will have what you always meant to be active. 

Love For Your People:

The whole story revolves around the love for the people. The main characters are always busy and ready to serve their people in need. Whether it was before joining the association or after, they always seem to fight for them and try to save them from the monsters. This portrays the love of humanity and how they are dedicated to serving them. 

Life needs a goal to follow. To live for humanity is the best of all. If you dedicate yourself to the needs of the people, you will not be wasted and will get God’s blessings.  

Evil VS Virtuous:

This story is all about evil vs. virtuous. The hero association fights with the monster association. The evil wanted to control the Earth with their powers, and the ethical wished to protect their land. 

This is an excellent comparison for the readers to get. Both parties have the power to do what they want. But one is fighting for a good purpose and another for an evil purpose; Their Intentions make them monsters or heroes. But the heroes will always win because of their accurate determination, and villains will permanently lose due to their evil intent. 

Main Characters:

The main characters of the one-punch manga are mentioned below: 

ShatimaThe main character – C class hero
GenosThe main character – S class hero
Snakebite SnekA class hero
Amai MaskA class hero
Mosquito girlMonster- Mosquito girl who can telepathically order mosquitoes to fight
Vaccine manMonster – Mysterious being
HammerheadVillain- leader of a terrorist group, Protestors
Doctor GenusVillain- genius scientist – become disillusioned


Is the One Punch Man manga a hit series?

By 2020, it has sold 30 million copies all over the world. Yes, it is one of the mega-hit manga being read. 

When did it get its English version?

In 2015, it got its English version for the Japanese manga. 

How many volumes of manga are being published?

Till now, 28 volumes have been published by the author. 

Can I read it in the USA? 

Yes, one can get its published version anywhere in the world. It is also available online.


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