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Happy Travels: What Are The New Packages For You?

Are you looking for a travel agency? Do you love to explore new places with your loved ones? Then, we have a fresh recommendation for you that is both reasonable and deserving of your vacation. Happy Travels makes sure to provide you with all the travel comfort that you always aspire for. We will explore all of its features and new plans to get booked! 

What Do You Know About Happy Travels? 

Happy Travels is one of the leading Australian traveling companies. It has earned its name through the trust and comfort of the travel journey it brought to its clients. They mainly target people who love to explore different places in Australia and New Zealand. But most of their plans revolve around Australian destinations. 

One client at a time wants to change the world collectively. Bringing incredible, world-class experiences to the clients and changing and improving their lives motivates the tour guides to get out of bed in the morning.


NameHappy travels
Contact(+61) 2 5633 1149


If you are looking forward to traveling, you must know about their features and what you are asking from them. For this, go through the below-mentioned features and get a complete idea of the services you can get.

Customized Plans: 

This is the biggest news for the travel lovers. You can get the customized plan at your ease. If you feel any loophole or uncomfortable aspect in the planned journeys, you can switch it per your demand. They will charge extra from you as well. You can have some tour guides from their staff as well. Only a few other travel agencies may provide this freedom. But they promise to fulfill your travel dress under their name. 

Discount Offer: 

They are offering $10 off on your adventure. You have to enter the discount code, which is Wanderlust10! And you will get the desired off on your travel plan.

This is how they bring more customers and enthusiast travelers to their page, which will make a good family afterward. It is a way to attract clients and make them stick to their agency.

Travel Mode: 

Many people have concerns about how they are going to travel. Traveling mode ensures the safety and comfort zone of the clients. It can depend on the travel destination as well. 

Considering all the possible factors and preferences, they have offered different travel modes, such as cars, buses, and campervans. It is totally up to the client in which vehicle they will feel comfortable to get on with. 

Popular Destinations: 

When you visit their travel package, you will know they have covered all the popular destinations. They have promised that their clients will explore and find new travel places to learn about the popular travel places. 

For instance, they have featured:  

  • Cairns
  • Byron Bay 
  • Sydney 
  • Nossa 
  • Fraser Island 
  • Whitsundays  
  • East Coast 
  • Tasmania 
  • Melbourne 
  • West Coast 

Famous Activities:

If you need clarification about how to make your journey memorable, then take no tension. They  have covered you in this aspect as well. They have planned all the relevant activities for you to enjoy on your trip. 

  • Scuba diving 
  • Surfing 
  • Wildlife experience 
  • Skydiving 
  • Jet skiing 
  • Food and wine tours 
  • Bungy Jumping

You can enjoy all these activities with your friends and loved ones. TIt can be a lot of fun to engage in such enjoyable hobbies. It will assist you in creating new memories and storing them in a happy memory. 

Terms And Conditions: 

It is the client’s duty to get familiar with the terms and conditions of each supplier and the tariff regulations governing each reservation you make. 

The customer is responsible for verifying that all voucher dates, including those for Greyhound Passes, campers, and bed nights, match your itinerary. All reserved dates must be confirmed again 48 hours before departure (at least) or as instructed on your voucher. Dietary requirements should also be verified at this time, if applicable. You must make sure you use your tickets on the scheduled dates.

Happy Travel strives to preserve your privacy and takes severe measures while sharing your information. Nonetheless, Happy Travel and our tax return partners may acquire extra information from you, and your contact information may be shared with the service providers you have purchased. 


They have their website, which will significantly help you. They have covered all the essential information you might need to explore a travel agency. All the notifications will be listed on the page, and all the new packages, deals, offers, and discounts will be updated. Their website has a straightforward user interface. You can easily book your plan with them. 

Travel Blogs:

You can get inspiration to travel with them by viewing their travel blogs and diaries. It can be taken as the experience and clients’ reviews of this agency. You can get new and innovative ideas to make memories there or contact the clients to confirm their experience with them.

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Famous Deals: 

Customized East coast package  In this package, you can customize your own trip. You can select your starting and finishing point. You can choose your preferred dates and will get a free travel planner as well just for $99 only.
21 days east coast package  It will start in Sydney. and will cover all the major tourist spots such as Byron, or Cairns, Fraser Island 4WD and Whitsundays Sail, Great Barrier Reef & Magnetic Island. They will also cover all accommodations for just $2,299.
30 night east coast ultimate package  It is the most popular package. It will cover Fraser Island 4WD, Whitsundays Sailing and Magnetic Island Escape. You will also enjoy Waterfalls, Skydiving & Scuba just in $3,299
2 days 2 nights Atlantic clipper white Sundays  It includes all Snorkel & Dive Equipment. They will also provide all Meals and Stand Up Paddle Board plus 12-Person Heated Spa just in $599.00.
3 day 2 night Fraser Island    It will include Fraser Island 4WD Adventure with all the meals Included in it. One will also enjoy Noosa or Rainbow Beach with 4X4 Tag Along Safari just into $559.00 
2day 2 night avatar white Sundays  It includes the services of stylish Sailboat,  daily Sunset Socials and World Class Snorkelling with the  Beautiful Whitsundays for just $519.00.


Can I book online? 

Yes, you can book your tickets online. 

Can I have a customized trip to New Zealand?

Yes, you can. 

Can I choose my transport mode for the trip?

Yes, you can choose your transport mode at your convenience. 

Can my reservations be rescheduled?

You can, indeed. 

Is my money refundable? 

You must get in touch with customer service and explain your reason for wanting to cancel your trip.


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