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What Is A Social Media Handle? Strategies For Building A Strong Online Brand

Social media has become an integral part of our lives, connecting people and enabling sharing of ideas, information, and experiences. One key aspect of engaging on social media platforms is your social media handle.

This article will explore the concept of a social media handle, its importance, and how to create a practical handle that aligns with your goals and objectives.

What Is A Social Media Handle? 

A social media handle refers to a unique username or account name used by individuals, businesses, organizations, or other entities on social media platforms to represent their brand.

The name appears in your profile’s URL or handles section, preceded by the ‘@’ symbol. This handle acts as your online identity; others use it to find, tag, mention, or follow you on various social media platforms.

Importance of Social Media Handles

Having a solid and recognizable social media handle benefits individuals and businesses alike.

  • A well-crafted handle becomes synonymous with your brand, making it easier for users to recognize and remember you.
  • Additionally, a memorable handle increases the likelihood of being tagged or mentioned, enhancing visibility and engagement.

How to Choose a Digital Media Handle?

Choosing a digital media handle might seem simple, but it plays a crucial role in establishing your online presence. Here are some essential steps to consider when selecting a digital media handle that reflects your brand or personal identity

1. Reflect on your brand or personal identity

When selecting a handle, aligning it with your brand or personal identity is essential. Choose a name or phrase that reflects your values, industry, or niche. For businesses, incorporating the brand name or a relevant keyword can help create a cohesive online presence.

2. Keep it simple and memorable

Choose a name or phrase that is easy to spell, pronounce, and remember. Avoid using complex words, excessive punctuation, or random combinations of numbers and characters. A simple and memorable handle will make it easier for others to find and mention you.

3. Check for availability

Before finalizing your handle, check its availability on different social media platforms. Consistency is crucial, so secure the same handle across all relevant platforms. 

4. Be concise and specific.

Social media handles usually have character limitations, so it’s essential to be concise. Avoid long handles that are difficult to type or remember.

5. Consider pronunciation and spelling.

Think about how your handle will sound when spoken aloud. Avoid ambiguous spellings or complex arrangements of letters that might confuse others.

6. Maintain professionalism and relevance.

Ensure that your handle reflects professionalism and relevance to your industry or niche. Avoid using handles perceived as unprofessional or unrelated to your brand. It’s essential to create a positive impression and attract your target audience.

7. Research keywords.

Incorporating relevant keywords in your handle can help improve your visibility in search results. Conduct research to identify popular keywords related to your brand or industry.

8. Get feedback.

They can provide valuable insights and suggestions that you may need to look into. Their fresh perspective can help refine your handle and ensure it resonates with your target audience.

Common Mistakes to Avoid with Social Media Handles

When creating a social media handle, you must be aware of common mistakes that can hinder your online presence and branding efforts. Avoiding these mistakes will help you establish a solid and consistent identity across social media platforms.

Here are some common pitfalls.

  • Choosing a complicated handle.

One of the biggest mistakes is selecting a handle that is complex or difficult to understand.. Complicated handles can confuse your audience and make it harder for them to find and remember you.

  • Ignoring platform-specific limitations.

Each social media platform has its character limitations and guidelines for handles. Failing to consider these limitations can result in your desired hold being too long or violating the platform’s rules. 

  • Inconsistency across different platforms.

Maintaining consistency across various social media platforms is crucial for brand recognition. Different handles on different platforms can confuse your audience and dilute your brand identity.

  • Need to update or maintain the handle.

Once you’ve chosen a handle, it’s essential to use and maintain it actively. Neglecting to update your profile or abandoning your hold can give the impression of inactivity or disinterest. 

  • Consider future growth.

Avoid using too narrow or specific aliases for your current niche, as this might limit your options if you decide to diversify or expand your brand.

  • Refrain from researching existing handles. Using a handle already in use can lead to confusion and potentially legal issues. 
  • Forgetting the target audience.

Avoid using handles that might alienate or confuse your intended audience. Consider your target audience’s demographics, interests, and preferences when choosing a handle that appeals to them.

  • Overlooking branding opportunities.

Your handle is an opportunity to reinforce your brand identity. Take advantage of incorporating your brand name or a relevant keyword in your handle. 

Examples of Successful Digital Media Handles

Some individuals and brands have excelled in creating memorable and effective usernames regarding digital media handles. Let’s explore a few examples of successful digital media handles that have contributed to their online success:


Nike, the global sportswear brand, keeps it simple and concise with their handle. Using their brand name as the handle makes it instantly recognizable and reinforces their identity.


Gary Vaynerchuk, an entrepreneur and motivational speaker, combines his first name and a unique abbreviation of his last name. This handle is memorable, personal, and aligns with his brand.


Mashable, a popular digital media and entertainment platform, has a handle that reflects its brand name. It’s short, catchy, and aligned with its identity as a reliable source of news and trending content.


 The Food Network, a leading television channel and online platform dedicated to food and cooking, keeps it straightforward with its handle. They use their brand name, which helps establish consistency and recognition across platforms.


Oreo, the famous cookie brand, utilizes its brand name as its handle. It’s concise, memorable, and evokes the image of their iconic cookie, making it easy for fans to find and engage with them.

Cost Of Creating A Digital Media Handle

Creating a digital media handle is generally free of charge on most digital media platforms. When you sign up for an account, you can choose a username or handle representing your brand or personal identit

1. Trademark registration.

To secure a social media handle that aligns with your registered trademark, you may need to go through the trademark registration process.

This process involves legal fees and varies depending on the country and jurisdiction. It’s advisable to consult with a trademark attorney to understand the associated costs.

2. Domain purchase.

You should purchase a domain name to create a website or online presence associated with your social media handle.

Domain costs typically involve an annual fee.

3. Social media management tools.

While creating a social media handle is free, you may invest in management tools or platforms to streamline your social media presence.

These tools can help schedule posts, monitor analytics, and manage multiple accounts efficiently. Costs for these tools vary depending on the features and functionalities offered.

4. Professional branding services.

If you prefer to outsource the creation of your social media handle and overall branding strategy, you may hire professional branding services.

These services can assist with creating a unique and impactful handle that aligns with your brand identity.

Costs for professional branding services can vary based on the provider and the project’s scope.


Can I change my social media handle after creating it?

Yes, most social media platforms allow users to change their handles. Check the platform’s settings or account options for the specific steps to modify your handle.

Can two users have the same social media handle?

No, social media platforms typically require unique handles to avoid confusion.

Can I use spaces or special characters in my social media handle?

Stick to letters, numbers, and underscores or hyphens if permitted.

Can I have multiple social media handles on the same platform?

Many platforms allow users to manage multiple handles from the same account. You can switch between handles or create separate accounts for each alias.

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