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Good Times Travel: Why To Consider Them?

Are you planning to make your holiday memorable enough? Are you considering any trustworthy traveling agency for your travel books? Then, Good Times Travel is there to help you in this regard. They are always the best choice for travelers to travel with them. Here, we come with a complete package of their services and why you should travel with them.

What Do You Know About Good Times Travel?

Good Times Travel was established as a family-run tour operator for thirty years. They started as a tiny neighborhood tour company, providing multiple daily day trips to southern California. As a result of passengers continuing to travel with them and subsequently bringing their friends and family along, they have grown.

Their ultimate goal is to develop travel packages that seem like they were made especially for you!


Agency nameGood Times Travel
LocationWarner Marketplace
Address17132 Magnolia St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708, United States
Contact+1 714-848-1255


They have come up with flexible services that cater to all the needs of their customers and clients.

 Single Day Tours

They plan, coordinate, and oversee more than 400 different one-day tours annually. You can explore their website to find out more information about any of the tours.

Multi-Day Tours

They provide the ideal tour whether you want to take a few days or longer to escape! They provide lengthier tours across North America and beyond and a range of quick vacation options. 

Cruise Tours

They specialize in cruises. They have the expertise, dependability, service, and low prices to arrange any cruise holiday, from the Panama Canal to Hawaii, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean to European and Mississippi River Cruises.

Groups And Customs Tour

They collaborate in many ways with churches, community colleges, senior centers, private communities, and groups of all shapes and sizes to create adventures their members will remember and want to return to! They can design a tour for you at a competitive price with extra perks, regardless of the length of the trip or just a charter quote. There is also no minimum party size required.

Travel Policies:

They have specific travel policies which they assure to follow:


You need to reserve your seat first in any case. Visit the website’s reservations page or call our office Monday through Friday. Major holidays and weekends are off for our office. A reservation holds a spot for five working days while payment is processed through our office. Since bookings are considered confirmed at the moment of payment, any that remain unpaid after five days may be canceled.


You can pay with cash, cheque, or credit card for every transaction. A list of the tours and departure dates you settle for should be included with your check, payable to Good Times Travel.

Travel Documents

If full payment has been received, you will receive your travel documents for all multi-day tours 14 days before departure. The documents include:

  • The tour schedule.
  • Details about the departure and arrival times.
  • The hotel.
  • Luggage tags (for tours that involve flying).
  • Suggested attire.

Cancellation Process

Suppose you cancel before our set date for the remaining balance payment (which varies based on the tour, usually 60-90 days). In that case, you can get a refund of less than a $75 administrative fee* or a credit of less than a $50 administrative fee.

Travel Protection Plan: 

They provide an optional Travel Protection Plan to travelers since accidents do happen. If you cancel because the insurance carrier will cover it, the plan will refund you for the money they cannot recoup from our suppliers.

Purchase or register the travel insurance policy online.

Forms To Be Filled:

On their website, you need to fill out the forms:

 Credit Card Authorization FormIf you prefer not to pay with a check or credit card online, you can fill out this form and send it back to them via mail or email.
Multi-Day Booking FormFor multi-day tours, all passengers must fill out this form. 
Wellness Pledge/Release of Liability AgreementOn the day of departure, the tour director gathers each guest’s Wellness Pledge/Release of Liability Waiver.
Travel Protection FormIt is strongly advised to purchase travel protection or insurance for multi-day vacations.

Why To Travel With Good Times Travel?

After going through all the mentioned services, you may find out the benefits over other travel agencies. We have come up with solid reasoning based on our experience with them.

Booking Procedure

They have a straightforward booking procedure. It is short for the viewer to navigate their site and what services they want. And relevant to that, they are free to make reservations first and then pay for the tour.

There are no strict policies that need to be explained. They have followed the basic rules and regulations for the safety of their people.

Accommodation Choices

Secondly, they also provide their team with accommodation choices as well. Whether one needs a luxury resort or a boutique hotel depends on the budget and preferences of a person.

This choice is precious because one may not get it when traveling with any other traveling agency.

Transportation Convenience

Good Times Travel takes care of all your transportation needs, including flights, trains, and transfers, so you can focus on enjoying your trip. Thus, they make sure to provide all the transportation comfort to you.

Travel Experts

Benefit from local guides who are experts in their regions, providing insights that make your journey more enlightening. You don’t need to worry about the travel and tour information; the agency handles everything.

Safe Payments

All the payment methods mentioned above are safe and sound. No fraud can happen from any side. It is up to the customer what payment mode they want to pursue.

Good Reviews

Their website is filled with many good reviews. Thus, it is a reliable and trustworthy agency to travel and book with.  

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Is it safe to travel with them?

Yes, it is.

Can I pay them online?

Yes, it is possible.

Can I reserve my seat online?

Yes, you can.

Can I get a customized traveling plan with them?

This is possible, yes.

Will I get the tour guide?

Of course, you will.


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