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Woodman’s Food Markets: A Unique Shopping Experience

Woodman’s Food Markets is a family-owned and operated grocery store chain. It has been serving customers in Wisconsin and Illinois since 1919. 

With over 18 locations, Woodman’s is known for its vast selection of groceries, including:

  • Fresh produce
  • Meat
  • Dairy
  • Bakery items

What sets Woodman’s Food Markets apart from other grocery stores is its commitment to offering low prices. Additionally, it’s a unique shopping experience for its customers.

Services Provided By Woodman’s Food Market

Below are some services provided by this food court:

Low Prices

Woodman’s is known for its low prices. It is often lower than those at other grocery stores in the area. How do they do it? 

By buying in bulk and passing the savings on to their customers. Woodman’s also doesn’t spend money on advertising or fancy store decor, which helps keep prices low.


Woodman’s Food Markets has a vast selection of groceries, with over 200,000 items in each store. It includes not only food items but also household and personal care products. 

Additionally, customers can find everything they need at this store, from fresh produce and meat to cleaning supplies and toiletries.

Unique Shopping Experience

Shopping at Woodman’s food court is a unique experience. Thanks to several features that set the store apart from other grocery chains.

Unconventional Store Layout

Woodman’s stores are laid out in a way that might initially seem unconventional. Rather than following a strict aisle-by-aisle format, the store is organized by department. 

Additionally, it means that all of the produce, for example, is located in one area, while all of the meat is in another.

This layout can take some time, but it makes shopping quicker and more efficient.

Large Size

Woodman’s late-night food stores are enormous, often spanning over 200,000 square feet. It means plenty of space for the vast selection of items available. 

However, the large size can also be overwhelming for some shoppers.

Bulk Section

This store has a large bulk section where customers can buy items like rice, flour, and spices in bulk. It is a great way to save money, as buying in bulk is often cheaper than buying pre-packaged items.

Beer and Liquor Selection

Woodman’s has an extensive beer and liquor section, with various domestic and imported beers. Besides, they also have wine and spirits. 

It makes Woodman’s Food Markets a popular destination for customers looking to stock up on their favorite beverages.


Unlike many grocery chains, Woodman’s is employee-owned. It means that employees have a stake in the company’s success and are motivated to provide excellent customer service. 

It is evident in the friendly and helpful demeanor of Woodman’s employees.

Community Involvement

Woodman’s food court is also known for its involvement in the community. The company regularly donates to local charities and organizations, and employees are encouraged to volunteer their time and resources to help those in need. 

Additionally, Woodman’s has a program called “Bag Hunger,” which raises money for local food banks. The company donates five cents to a local food bank for every reusable bag customers use at Woodman.

Criticism Faced By Woodman’s Food Markets

Despite its popularity, Woodman’s has faced criticism from some customers and employees. Some have complained about the company’s strict policies regarding breaks and employee appearance.

However, others have criticized the company’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to these criticisms, Woodman’s food markets have changed their policies and procedures to serve their employees and customers better.

Wrap Up!

Woodman’s Food Markets is a unique and beloved grocery store chain offering a vast selection of affordable groceries. 

With its unconventional store layout, large size, and employee-owned status, Woodman’s provides a shopping experience that is both efficient and enjoyable. 


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