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Curl Keratin Treated Hair: Precautions To Must Follow

Do you have curly hair? Have you done keratin treatment, or planning to do it for your curly hair? Do you now want to know how to manage it? I came here for your support with expert backing. Today, we will be talking about all the possible precautions one should take to work your curl keratin treated hair. This will help you protect your hair from any damage and do any wrong trick to them. 

Keratin Treatment:

Your hair can be made smoother through a chemical process called a keratin treatment. This is a false claim that suggests keratin straightens the hair. It is not meant to do it. You can tell your expert your requirements so they can manage accordingly. 

Keratin does not always mean finishing all your curls, but it will inject keratin into effetcong its texture. Curl keratin-treated hair is possible by changing the composition of the chemicals and products used. 

Hair Treatment For Curly Hair: 

It is entirely not impossible to have any treatment for your beautiful curly hair/ In the conversation with the hair expert, she discusses the wrong notions of how curly hair shouldn’t be touched, and no procedure is there for you. Curl keratin treated hair is present and is managed at home as well. 

Some of the hair treatments for curly hair are mentioned below: 

Brazilian Blowout 

It is the most known procedure for curly hair. It regulates the curls of the hair. The treatment will maintain the volume, eliminate frizz, and smoothen the texture. It will take hardly one hour for the treatment. And you can enjoy your hair for six months.  

Japanese Keratin Treatment 

This kind of treatment includes the straightening of hair as well. Besides all the benefits of smoothing, frizz control, and volume, it adds to your hair. If you want your curly hair to get straight for some time, like 6-7 months, Japanese keratin treatment is for you! 

Keratin Express 

This is specialized for curly hair. It will make your curls pop up with more volume and frizz free. Your waves will also be noticeable if you want. It will hardly take some five minutes and will last six weeks.  

Soft Keratin Treatment 

As the name indicates, this is a soft version of keratin treatment. It is best to be applied if you want to go with your natural curls. It is the best procedure till now and is often recommended by hair experts. After that, you don’t need extra hair care to keep your curls intact. 

Steps Of Keratin Treatment:  

There are three steps of keratin treatment being done to hair. It is mainly done to transform the wavy and curly hair into a straight and smooth one. The curl keratin treated hair has other treatments to be done. It is almost the same steps except the last one, where they straighten the hair; for the curly hair, they will restore its curl through the curler. 

What Results Will It Bring? 

For curl keratin treated hair, there are many benefits it will bring to the hair. It is said that keratin treatment is equally suitable for curly hair as for the other types.  

According to the expert, the client will experience the below mentioned benefits: 

Tangle Free Hair 

It will lead to tangle free hair. The worst nightmare for curly hair is to detangle them on your own. They are advised not to brush their hair more than once a day, or it can be three to four times a week. This can be their most significant benefit when this problem is solved for six months. 

Hair Structure 

The hair structure will get more improved. The curls will get more defined than before. The nature of hair can be changed, according to the hair expert. They can be frizz free and soft. It ensures the improvement of the structure in one treatment. 

Smooth Curls 

With time, you can get the smooth curls. However, the experts will give you the guarantee of having a soft texture just in treatment. You will feel more relaxed and proud of your rings. 

Porosity Problems 

The hair can absorb and retain moisture. The coarse and curly hair textures tend to make curly hair more porous. Your best option for strengthening the hair cuticles and nourishing curly hair is keratin. 

101 Styling Techniques 

When free of the frizz issues, hair tangling, and rough texture, you can concentrate on the styling techniques. Curls can be the most beautiful part of the personality if managed well. Thousands of hairstyles can be done on curly hair as well. It will give you a new look to explore. 

Precautions To Take For Curl Keratin Treated Hair: 

If you are done with the keratin treatment on your hair, you must avoid some steps to protect your hair. 

Don’t wash hairAfter the treatment, washing your hair is not advised. You should at least wait three days.
Don’t tieOne should also not tie their hair immediately. After the treatment one should wait for two days to not tie hair.
Don’t sweatYou shouldn’t sweat. Try to not wet your hair by any form possible.
Don’t rest glasses on headPlus, don’t rest your glasses on your head. It will leave a mark or some wave on the front hair.
Don’t use any chemicalDon’t try to use any kind of shampoo, conditioner, mask, serum or oil on your hair.

Products Being Used For Keratin Treated Hair:

Hair ShampoosHair ConditionersHair Serums
Pro Keratin & Argan Oil Smooth Therapy ShampooPro Keratin & Argan Oil Smooth Therapy ConditionerPro Keratin & Argan Oil Hair Serum
TRESemmé Keratin Repair ShampooTRESemmé Keratin Repair ConditionerTRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum
TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Color ShampooTRESemmé Keratin Smooth Color ConditionerMoroccan Miracle Hair Serum
CHI Keratin ShampooOGX Ever Straightening + Brazilian Keratin Therapy ConditionerRemilia Hair keratin hair serum

Interesting Facts About Hair: 

Black hair is the most prevalent color worldwide, while Red hair is the least prevalent (1% of the population).

The only faster-growing tissue in the body after bone marrow is hair!

Information on every substance that has ever entered your bloodstream, including medications, medicines, minerals, and vitamins, can be found in your hair.

Gender is the only characteristic that cannot be determined by hair. 

Only 5% of women colored their hair in 1950. Currently, that percentage is 75%!

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