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Keratin Hair Extensions: An Easy Guide To Follow! 

Are you looking for a solution to your hair? Are you fed up with your stagnant hair growth? Here, I come up with the answer to your hair problems. In this era of modernism, it is possible to manage. The experts have suggested all kinds of solutions for your unaddressed issues. Keratin hair extensions are the best solution for short, damaged, dry hair.

What Are Keratin Hair Extensions?

Keratin hair extensions are tiny clusters of a few isolated, raw human hair strands that can be individually glued to your natural hair by employing keratin adhesive beads that have already been affixed to one end of the strands. Because this keratin bond is composed of the same material as your hair, it has a more natural appearance and feel.

It is one of the easiest ways to go to the salon or make the keratin extensions attached to your natural hair. It can be the best choice for each age group. Men and women both can get it. Teenage and adult, it is suitable for both. 

Types Of Hair Extension: 

If we talk about the types of hair extensions, there are a number of them. But the most common are tape-in, clip-in, bonded, and halo hair extensions. They are widely used all around the world. 

Types of Hair ExtensionDurability
Tape-in hair extensions6-8 weeks
Clip-in hair extensions9-12 months
Bonded hair extensions4-6 months
Halo hair extensionsup to 12 months

Types of Keratin Extension : 

Keratin hair extensions further have types of head tips. What kind of head tip does the client want to have? It can come in various shapes, including I, U, V, and flat. Stick hair (I-Tip) and nail hair (U-Tip) are the most commonly utilized types.

Types of Keratin bonds: 

There are two kinds of keratin bonds being used by extension experts. 

How To Apply Keratin Hair Extensions?

It is suggested to make the application from a hair expert at the salon As they better know what to apply and how to use it for better results. In either case, you want to minimize the treatment’s overall cost. It can also be arranged at home. You need to have an extension suitable for your hair. And you can apply at your home as well. 

Wash Your hairFirst you need to wash your hair with clarifying shampoo first. Then let it dry completely.  
Clip your hairAll of your hair should be clipped up except for a small, horizontal row at the nape.
Grab small clumpTake a little hair clump that is around the same width as the extension.
Place extensionPosition the extension 1 inch (2.5 cm) from your scalp adjacent to your natural hair.
Clamp the extensionUse the heat tool for five seconds while clamping the extension and your hair.
Pinch and rollFor a few seconds, pinch and roll the hair at the bonded area.
Repeat the processApply extensions every two inches (5.1 cm) until the row is finished.

How To Manage Them? 

Now, once you have applied it and fit in your extension, some measures are needed to manage them properly So that it can also be effective in the long run. 

Wash Your hairYou should wash your hair 3 times a week with sulfate free products
Dry your hairAlways dry your hair thoroughly after washing to avoid any scalp issues.
Use low heat stylingIf you want to use any styling tool it should be low at temperature.
Oil- based productNever ever used any oil based product. It will damage your extension.
Less styling toolsIt is suggested to use less styling tools on your hair extensions.

Pros Of Using Keratin Extensions: 

If you have decided to apply keratin hair extensions, it will assure you of some promising results. Some of them are: 

Instant result 

Once you have applied extensions, you can enjoy the instant results of your style. If you have planned to enjoy the event on the same day, you can attend the occasion with a new look and style. 


One can get a variety of colors and shades in one go. You can change the colors after every month if you want without damaging your original hair. As previously mentioned, there are numerous color, texture, and length possibilities for Keratin hair extensions. This makes it simple for a well-stocked stylist to match your hair perfectly for a result that looks natural. This is significant because, rather than standing out from natural hair, extensions are frequently chosen to assist in blending in with it.


As keratin is made up of original hair, the extension is safe for your hair. You can also redo the application if you want to change your look. 


If applied correctly and maintained, Keratin hair extensions don’t need to be removed for up to six months. Natural hair suits the strong Keratin bond excellently. They can be utilized again for a span of six to eight weeks following their initial usage. 

Low Maintenance 

Keratin hair extensions are as easily styled and maintained as your own hair and can last several months.

Natural look 

The best part of applying Keratin hair extensions is that they will give you a natural look at once. It will not fake your style, and people will not identify your extension. 

Cons Of Keratin Extensions:

Before doing the application, you also need to find out the cons of the keratin extensions. Some of them are: 


Yes, it is costly, and you must invest in your looks. It is made up of natural human hair, so it will cost more than the other hair extensions.


It needs proper application and is very difficult to do at home. For that, you also have to pay for the saloon experts as well. 


It needs proper maintenance as well. You have to follow the tips mentioned above for care to do aftercare. 

No styling tools 

You not allowed to use any styling tools frequently. 


You must reapply after the allotted period. Again, many visits to the salon and experts and each session require money to invest. 

Facts About Hair Extensions: 

The best human hair available to the typical customer is Remy human hair extensions.

In the global market for hair wigs and extensions, the US is at the top of the pack. 

The most costly kind of human hair weave is virgin hair.

Indian temple hair is highly prized for use in hair extensions.

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