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Keratins: A Savior For Your Hair! 

Do you have hair concerns? Do you require assistance in identifying the cause of your hair problems? Here I come with the expert’s opinion about your hair problems. Keratins may be a known term, but you may not know its benefits. Today, we will talk about the solution to your hair problems in the light of an expert’s opinion.

What are Keratins? 

The proteins known as keratins are responsible for creating skin’s epidermis, hair, and nails. Additionally, it is in charge of promoting healthy nail growth, wound healing, and skin layer support. 

Besides this, it is equally responsible for performing structural and protective functions in the epithelial ( related to thin tissues forming the outer surface of the body).  

Types And Forms:

We learn a lot of fascinating information about this protein as we go deeper into it. The specialist claims that there are 54 different types of proteins in the body. The body contains two different kinds of keratin.

Types of keratinsFunctions
Type IIn the body, out of 54 kinds of keratins in your body, 28 percent of them are type I. They are responsible for protecting cells from the internal forces in your body.
Type IIOut of 54, the other 26 percent is made up of type II. They are made of skin and hair cell keratins.

There are two forms of keratin being present: 


The alpha keratins are present in fibrous form. They look like the thread of a screw. While on the other hand, beta keratins are sheets of polypeptide chains. They continue in the same direction and never collide with each other. This makes them tough and rigid.  

Benefits For Hair:

Keratin treatments are known for their benefits, especially for hair. It is equally beneficial for men and women both. In salons, a large group of people are interest in having the treatments to solve all their hair-related problems at once.

 In recent years, the trend of keratin treatment has been at its peak. All over the world, people, especially women, are interest in having hair treatments at salons. 

In my conversation with a hair expert, I have figured out the benefits one will get after having treatments for one’s hair. 


You can go for this treatment if your hair is rough and dry. It will transform your hair into smooth, shiny, and glossy ones. Ladies always want their hair to be soft so that it looks nice on a daily routine. There is no need to put extra effort daily to smoothen the hair. It can be done only in one sitting. 

Frizz Free:

If you are struggling with your curly hair, keratin also covers you in this aspect. This treatment will help you control the frizz and make it manageable all day. Majority of the people suffer daily because of their curly hair. They can’t let the hair open; it will not seem presentable. To avoid the daily hustle, get keratin treatment and enjoy frizz-free hair for at least six months.

Easy To Style:

You must style your look in minutes if you are a college girl or a working lady because you don’t have time to spend hours on your hair daily. To save you time, the best solution is to treat your hair permanently. This will make your hair easy to style in your daily routine. 

100 Styling Options:

Are you fond of styling your looks differently each day? Then, I come up with the best solution to all your concerns. By getting the hair treatment, you can have 100 styling options in your hand. You will not have to worry about the texture of your hair or any related problem; you have to do some magic with your hands on your hair. 

Low Maintenance: 

Your hair will need low maintenance and attention from you. Your whole time will be spent on something. Other than doing too much hair care. The primary treatment would be done. You must use your hair experts’ recommend shampoos, masks, and conditioner.

Straight Hair: 

The first and the utmost benefit one will get is to straighten the hair. If you love straight hair and are also scare of damaging it because of the heat styling, then consider such treatments. It will give you smooth hair and change nature and make them dead straight as you always want them to be.

Improve The Texture:

A good treatment from a hair expert can also affect the texture of hair in a good way. The dry and rough hair can be turn out as a smooth and glossy texture. But, after the treatment, following all the post-treatment instructions is also necessary.

Repair Damage Hair :

It can also repair hair damage due to extra styling and heating tools. You may be in a state of stress on how to manage the damage, but you can consider some hair treatment from a hair expert. Keratin treatment is the best option for you.

Downside Of Keratin Hair Treatment:

Before you go for the Keratins, you must be aware of the downsides and disadvantages of the treatments. So, you have some counter solution to it as well. Plus, you do need to discuss it with your hair expert before about all your concerns. 

It is a must to have a deep and thorough research of the salon and the hair expert you want to take the services from. Their credibility in the market and their prior work should also be consult. One of the best keratin hair mask available now.

Chemical ExposureYou should be warned that the treatment also involves exposure to chemicals. Over time, this can harm your hair. You need to talk about the chemicals beforehand.  
CancerFormaldehyde is used as a chemical in the treatment. This is found as a carcinogen by the medical experts.
Eye IrritationThe treatment can also cause eye irritation. If it gets any kind of exposure to the chemicals being used, it can affect the health of your eyes.
Nausea  The smell, the components can cause nausea as well. To avoid that, take certain precautionary measures.
HeadacheIt can cause headaches in the short run. You need to follow all the guidelines by the salon experts.


How much time can it pass without having another treatment?

Depending on the growth of the hair, it can take 5-6 months.

Is it safe for the hair to get keratin treatment? 

Yes, if it is done without any chemical usage.

Is there any follow-up routine?

Yes, your hair expert will give you a follow-up routine of shampoos, conditioners, masks, and serums.

Is there any treatment better than keratin? 

Now, experts have suggested that Cysteine treatment is better than keratin. 

Can I get keratin treatment from any of the salons?

No, it would help if you visited some hair experts for the treatment. 


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